Tuesday, May 1, 2007


I have an angel where I live. His name is Joe.

Really. He has glasses, wears work clothes, wears a ball hat, and is my angel!

He drives a lawn mower. And he mows my lawn.

But he is a real live angel. Because every spring, he lets me go out in my large yard and rake all of the leaves from my many flower beds into the lawn. And then he just mows them up.

We did that this morning.

I used to rake an area, bag it, take it to the dump's leaf and grass area and go back to work at our grocery store. What used to take weeks to complete, this morning only took 3 hours!

Yeah, I know he is flesh and blood, and if he read this? He would deny the angel thing.

But there is just something about Joe.

Maybe someday I'll write on some supernatural stuff with angels, but today?

I have an angel and his name is Joe!

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