Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bring on the Rain

Oh man, we have been having bad weather here in the Midwest. Tornadoes, flooding, winds that take not only your hats, but your hair!

But in the midst of this, last Monday, we had a perfectly beautiful day. No wind, no rain, no humidity. Awesome!

And it hit me.

We want it so perfect. We want the perfect day. The perfect life. The perfect hair day.

And when we don't get it, we whine. We complain.

The word complacency has been coming up so much lately in my prayer time.

OK. If we had that perfect day, for instance, wouldn't we become lulled asleep, shrinking back from the edge of where God wants us.

As we go into these times, we need to keep on the edge with Jesus. We need to be, at once, ready for the battle.

Not playing in the pretty days.

I sound very hard, I realize, but that is what is coming over me. Go to church on Sunday's, maybe Bible Study on Wednesdays.... la, la-la, la-la.


Dig in. Dig in with Jesus. Spend that time in His Presence. Keep on our faces.

And as we are on the floor, on our faces, the storms all around us, we will not be moved. We will not be shaken.

Ready for what comes. Prepared for what is coming.

Keep on the move. That's what our adversary is doing. Let's keep Satan guessing.

And the tactics?

Keep on our faces. The rains come down, and the floods come up. Lay down on the floor and let the flood of the Holy Spirit rise within and around you.