Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Farming 101

I love it when God explains a verse, or a concept to me. Something I have been pondering gets a greater revelation. I love it. It frees me. It instructs me. It blesses me that the God of the Universe takes the time to help me understand.

I read Matthew 25 this morning about the 10 virgins and farther in, about the talents.

When I read verses 24-26, Lord reminded me of when He blessed me to witness to a friend years ago. I was so young in the Walk that I didn't realize what I was doing. I just answered her questions. Afterward I realized (and freaked out! Did I do it right?) that I had been witnessing to her. I just spoke my heart!

Years later, I got the chance to meet with her at her church and she introduced me to the woman that led her to the Lord. The woman harvested what she had not sown! She watered the seed that the Lord led me to plant. Praise God!

Thus illustrating these verses in a different light.

And as I thought about that meeting of three women, my friend and I, and her friend, I felt the swirling in the supernatural world, as destinies were changed. A portion of the world is changed due to kids of Father's reaping where we have not planted. Gathering in the harvest where we have not sown.

Praise God!

Yes, that I received greater revelation of His Word, but that another kid is back home with her Daddy!

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