Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Feel Like a Warrior

Last night – I don’t remember if it was as I was going…………I do remember. I was snuggling up to Father God and acting like a daughter. The little girl thing saying whatever – I really don’t remember – but snuggling up to Him.

But I remember greeting my Brother – Jesus! And right away, I was not the daughter, but the warrior alongside. I immediately felt like a warrior and I felt like I was dressed or suited up like a warrior. I felt the armor on. I felt it.

And our eyes met – Jesus was putting on his gloves and giving instructions to the army – us.

There was a definite sound of weapons clashing. Getting weapons readied for battle. Noises of swords, of shields, of helmets being cleaned and made ready. Swords clashing in practice forays. Warriors and angels testing their strength against each other. Stretching out. Driving the sword into the air – piercing the thickness. Piercing the darkness with the light of the sword. Helping each other put on the breastplates. One in front of the warrior and one in back – putting it in place - the warrior focusing on Jesus’ Words of instruction as if in a trance.

And many warriors moving in almost a dance of warfare, moving their shields and swords from side to side. Almost a planned pattern or dance step, like my grandson calls his ‘skills’. (He’s four!) Like a routine of movement only for war. Thrusting the sword into the air with the left arm and the other arm, hidden by the shield, bringing it alongside his or her chest or side – taking a huge step ahead in a lunge. Eyes focused on what lies ahead. Always alert and listening to Jesus’ instructions. Always attentive to Him and His needs and Wisdom.

Ready – but even as the warriors are moving and practicing, they are also aware that they are already in the battle. Not just readying for it, but in it.

It’s almost a time warp thing. Preparing, but in, at the same time. And moving with confidence in the knowledge that the battle is already won. But no matter. The warriors still move about in faith and obedience and perseverance. Always moving – always in tune with Jesus. Always in the battle, but totally aware that they are victorious because of Him. But never giving up. Never giving in. Never stopping.

When there are wounded, many gather around. Bringing their swords up and around and building a hedge round about them. Calling out Jesus’ Name. And He comes – to each wounded warrior – to look into their eyes and speak words of comfort. Laying a hand on their wounds and healing each one. Sometimes the wounds are far too bad and Jesus takes the wounded with Him and keeps them with Him – always helping them by looking into their wounds. And He covers them with His robes of Righteousness and Healing.

And when the wounded are ready, he holds out a hand to each one and pulls them up – not in their own strength – but in His.

And as the enemy is pushed back, a cheer goes up! A cheer of celebration and another warrior is welcomed into the army.
So the process begins all over again. Practicing, listening to the Lord of the Army, focusing, moving in the Spirit, learning, always in the battle.

And as Jesus speaks His words of wisdom, each warrior speaks them out in praise and adoration. Practicing them also, but using them in the battle. In worship of the Victorious, but in obedience.

Entering the battles, into the foray, swinging their swords in a huge swoop. Charging alongside their Leader.

And as the warriors run alongside Jesus, He looks back at each one. With a glint in His eyes. And a grin on His face! And with His sword raised up and forward. Hair flowing all about him.

Are you ready?

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