Sunday, April 29, 2007

Watching and listening

I am in the dining room - the west window is open and I am first and foremost so aware of a wonderful cardinal outside singing it's heart out. So beautiful. It seems that the other birds outside stop singing when the cardinal starts - like they are listening. And then there are other bird twitters when the cardinal is quiet.

It is a Sunday - early evening - beautiful out. But so very quiet - a hint of the breeze every once in a while but except for the birds and the table and chair creaking when I move, it is so quiet. I hear the light tinkle of a small wind chime that I just put outside, and then softly the large chime bongs as if saying, "I am still in charge!" So pleasant.

Inside, it is getting dimmer, so the light is on - making the room seem warm - cozy. The old table that I am writing at and the old chairs are badly in need of refinishing, but somehow, that nick, that chip, tells a story. There are scratches, glass rings, wear and tear. And the sounds as you lean against the table are timeless and comforting.

I look at one end of the table and all of my Bible study stuff is there. Notebooks open, books piled, notes scribbled - precious stuff. I leave it out because it is easier for me to grab at a verse or two each day. I love studying, but it takes a Mack truck to drag me there! It backs up, beeps three times, and dumps me out! Once I'm there I don't want to leave.

But when my hubby comes home, I will gather it all up and shove it somewhere (not too deep - I want to continue!) because that is also the end of the table that he sits at to do his bookwork after he comes home from a haul. I wonder if, when he sits down, he feels the anointing! Because it is the Holy end of the table!

And now I hear kids outside. Laughing, yelling. One last game, one last bike ride, before the day turns in.

The shadows are moving lower on the buffet. And a dove or a pigeon (correct me you bird knowers!) coos - almost in a soothing, end of the day - settling in. Settling us down, quietly - saying it's time to draw in - to tap into this Peace.

Deep sigh.

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