Friday, May 25, 2007

Willing to let God

Holey Moley, God is Good!

Had a great time with the Lord this morning. I don't know how, but it gets better and better. Everyday there is new refreshing. New things to learn.

I am reading Pat Cocking's book: "Third Heaven, Angels and... Other Stuff". I borrowed it from the church library, but I am going to get my own. It seems like a good reference book to have.

In response to reading a part, I had such an incredible time with Jesus. So pure. So precious.

If we just give time to Him, He is faithful to show up!

I want to go farther with Him. And as I visualize that, I can't imagine Him pushing me away, can you? His Word says that when we seek Him, He will not turn away from us! How about that?! So if I come to Him fifty time a day, He won't push me away? If I come to Him 300 times, He won't ignore me?

How about if we just stay in Him. I'm learning. I still have bunches to learn, but I'm willing. I think that's what it takes.

Being willing.

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