Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Wow! Nothing like letting the month of April go....south! Busy month, but being sick for around two weeks, gets a person behind!

But here I am!

God's Presence has been so sweet lately. So powerful.

I can feel other saints' praying for me. I feel them going before the Throne on my behalf. And I always want to bless them back. I pray, "God, please bless those who pray for me. Bless them back a hundred fold." (Not sure of punctuation there!) And I know that God does bless them back.

But what I have discovered is... the worship time, His Presence, the sweetness, is all tied into how I meet Him. The time that I give Him.

It is a direct result of how hungry that I am for Him.

Of how passionate I am for Him.

As the church gets busier, the Bride gets busier, Satan gets more and more intent on letting us believe that what we are doing, is all ok. "That's just the way it is."

The three Bible studies, the choir rehearsals, church bazaars are all good things, right?

But where does our dear Holy Spirit fit in. Those things are busyness, that maybe aren't really what we need to be doing. If we are so busy, and noisy, how can we learn to hear that still small voice?

I encourage us all to really check in with the Holy Spirit on what we are doing for God.

Maybe He just wants to sit on a park bench with us, and swing our legs back and forth, listening. Listening to the world, His world. Listening to His voice.

Maybe He just wants to have fun.

Whoah. But there are wars going on. There is poverty. There is (ick) a coming presidential election coming up.

And He just wants to sit on a park bench? (And swing our legs?!)

I think that He really wants us to get a hold of the fact that He really has all of those things handled, and He just wants to spend time with us.

Mary or Martha. There's time to be both.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pushy and Persistent

This morning, in my devo time, my cat, Selah, tried to climb into my lap several times. But I was reading the Bible, and I put her off, so I could read.

But she persisted. And she got her way. As I prayed I rubbed her ears, her eyes (she loves that!), her paws (yes, she lets me do that, she lets me hold her paws!)(Okay, some of you are...oh well!)

And I went to my Father, and persisted in climbing into His lap. I pushed my way in.

And He welcomed me! He enveloped me! He rejoiced in my persistence. He opened up to me, so I could climb in.

He opened up my mind, my ears, my eyes! He rubbed my heart, softening it. He took the gunk out of my eyes, so I could see.

He cleaned out my ears, so I could hear His sweet voice.

I climbed onto my Father's lap.

I pushed my way in.

I climbed into my Father's lap.

I pushed my way in.

He welcomed me with His arms wide open.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Ringin' the Dinner Bell. Come to the Table!

I ask God so many times for Him to reveal answers to me. To help me understand things in His Word that I know have deeper meanings.

He is so faithful to bring me those answers!

I was struggling recently over some things in my heart, knowing God would bring me to that place where I repent and let Him do what He needs to do in me.

I rarely turn on TV early. I want my time with Jesus. But last Monday I did, and God brought me the word that I needed. I needed that teaching to be set free. I needed to find the Grace and Mercy that He so willingly has for us all.

And I realized that this is what Psalms 23:5 is all about. "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies." I have always wondered what this really means. What does that look like? Does He get out the best silverware, the best tablecloth? (I just saw Him lifting a tablecloth up, all unfolded, in the air, getting ready to let it fall onto the table! I could blog on that!)

In the presence of my enemies of wrong attitudes, unrest, unforgiveness, sin, he feeds me the Word that I need at that time, to teach me, reprove me, (bust me!) and to set me free from those enemies.

It's just the right thing to feed me. It's at the right time. (5:30 am! But the right time!) And it is in front of the right enemies.

God is so faithful. Did I say that before?

God is so faithful!

God, please never quit teaching us and reproving us. Setting the table for Your Bride of Christ.

The more that I write, the more that I understand. The more that I seek Him, the more that I find Him.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy