Friday, March 20, 2009

Hand to Hand

A few days ago, I went back home to a family funeral. My cousin and I were sitting with her mom (who is my mom too!).

As we started to file out, my cousin leaned over to ask if I would take her mom's hand and be on one side of her while my cousin held her on the other side.

So I took her hand and tucked her arm under mine and we walked out of the church.

She doesn't see well at all and needs a walker. She is as sharp as a tack though! And funny.

I have a picture of her hand in my mind though. As I got out of the pew, I turned around and looked for her hand to grab and reached for it.

There she is - not sure of herself - not able to see well.

What is she thinking? "How am I going to walk down this aisle? Do people see me? What do others think and see?"

And this hand reaches out to grab hers and tucks her arm in arm and someone else on the other side, walks with her. She is surrounded, empowered, blessed, comforted. Enabled to do what she needs to do.

I have such a picture of her hand. Waiting, immobile, unsure.

Then - contact. Peace arrives!

God is so like that. He is waiting for the moment. He sees our unsure hands - our hesitation. We can't see what's ahead.

And through a sweet word from a person, or someones touch. Or a direct Word from answer from someone who saw, and followed through on the Holy Spirit.

He reaches out and grasps our hand, our heart, at just the right moment. He sees the indecision and grabs our heart. Leads us to where we need to be.

So sweet. So powerful.

Let us be willing, looking for His guidance to lead us into those paths of righteousness and peace. In our daily life - areas of insecurity.

Draw us there Father!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound?

It's been so long, that blogspot didn't know who I am! Too long since I write! It's evening and I'm tired! We'll see what comes out!

God has taken me on so many treasured hunts, lately. I am learning so much.

So much about His plan for us. So much more than we realize. All empowered because of the Cross.

I am learning how science is finally catching up with the Word of God.

I am learning about the power of our tongue, or rather our words. How as they are spoken out into the atmosphere, they affect the things and people around us in a scientific way. I don't understand it enough to go into it more here.

I just know that God has so much more for us. I'm not even sure how to say it here.

Recent readings: JoAnn McFatter, John Paul Jackson.

Inspiring. Thought provoking.

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