Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Own Time

Wow this is already middle September. Where does the time go? I remember as I grew up, the ladies would say that all of the time.

"Time flies. Time goes so fast! Where did this day go?"

Had a thought. And you know that I am partly deranged! But, I think that we make time go faster. I think that it's our fault!

We can't wait until this or that is done or over.

"I can't wait until I'm out of school. I can't wait until I'm married. I can't wait until I'm not. I can't wait until vaca. I can't wait to get back home."

On and on.

Are we ever happy? Content?

Just as our words have power, I think that our discontent has power.

As I wish for this day to be over, does it actually go faster?

As I say, "I can't wait to get back home," does the trip go quicker and I maybe loose a chance that God had an appointment for me?

Can we change time with our words?

Maybe I am crazy. (Oh I opened up a door...) But what if I'm not? What if I'm on to something here.

What if I just lost a day by saying those things.

A month.

A year.

"Time goes so fast."

God help me to "just be." You have spoken that over me so many times. Soothing me.

"Just be."

Help me embrace each moment. Each day.

But help me realize the power of my words.

Your Word says that I can do anything you did and "even greater things than these." (John 14:12) created the heavens and the earth....

I have my bar set too low!

And I will try to listen to myself as I go through each day.

I have enough time as my pastor says.

To do all that He has set before me to do.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Win Win!

Okay, this is kinda off my usual, but my daughter sent me this link.

We have been shopping, or shall I say, oogling these shirts for awhile. So when this opportunity came up, we jumped!

All we have to do is blog about why we support JesusBranded, and email them a link of this blog entry, and they send us a coupon for a free shirt! Easy?

These are the coolest designs, ones that we will be proud to wear. But as a testimony for our love of Jesus.

Oh, another blessing? More people see my blog!

Ya can't loose!

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy