Saturday, January 24, 2009

Play in the Midst of the Storm

Yesterday it snowed. The wind blew and it was cold.

Not really unusual for Nebraska. Except for the fact that we enjoyed two utterly delightful days before that! 50's and 60's!

Spring fever here I come!

Was trying to make myself write some really ugly things! A synopsis for my book, cover letters, bios, etc.! Ick! Not flowing!

Sooo...I was looking out the window for inspiration. Into the snow blowing down.


Until I noticed two squirrels chasing each other around in the storm. It was close to a blizzard, not just snow flurries. (For those that don't know snow jargon, snow flurries are like rain spatters. This was a blizzard!)

Goofy squirrels. My thoughts...should be in their burrow, or nest, or tree. Whatever.

Then I realized that they run into the storm. They play in the storm. They jump and chase each other completely oblivious to anything else. Having fun.

Hmmm...okay. I get it.

I need that lesson for me.

There are storms. There are tough times.

But when we find ourselves in those times, we need to leave the comfort zones and go play. No, more than that.

See, they probably knew that they have a whole pile of nuts in They weren't worried. They were set.

We don't need to worry, because we have the Creator of the Universe in us.

We can enjoy this life that Jesus died to give us. That He created here on earth.

I'm not going to chase around in the snow, but I will enjoy this day.

This life.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy