Monday, July 28, 2008

Cut Through the Crap!

As we get in a mess of the mind (I think you know what I mean...where we battle back and forth and listen to lies, and speak to the lies, and then...all over again!) we question ourselves and where we are with God.

I did it just today. Asking Him if I was in sin and Him telling me that He took care of that. I had already repented for the offense, but I kept bringing it back up.

We need to cut through the crap (yes, crap!).

I 'see' piles of crap on either side of me and me walking through it all.

And climbing onto the lap of my Father.

As we ignore it all and walk past it into His arms, He sets us free!

He is lifting us up onto His lap, we turn around - glance back - and it is all gone!

The garbage in our minds is gone!

Because as we climb into the lap of the Father, we let go of all the stuff, and He handles it all!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Let Him Have It

Yesterday at church, I had a vision during worship.

I saw myself walking toward the front from the back. I had an armload of papers, junk. Stuff.

As I walked, I kept dropping some. I'd go back to pick it up and loose another 5 pieces.

I got up front and kept trying to keep it all in my arms. I even saw myself leaning down to pick up another piece, saying, "Oh, I need this. It's from 1927!"


I started to just drop it all and I opened my arms up wide and a whirlwind came and took it all up to Heaven.

He wants it all.

He can handle it all.

He wants it all!

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Well, Shut My Mouth!

Whoa! It has been a month since I have blogged! My excuse? Grandkids. We are having to close down our business. Just excuses!

I had an interesting revelation this morning though.

When we first learn about the Holy Spirit, we are so interested, freaked out, passionate, by all of the manifestations. The main one being speaking in tongues. We practice (only in the bathroom!), read every book about it (there are many), learning to let it flow.

Releasing even our tongues to the Holy Spirit, flowing in that Heavenly language.

But now Holy Spirit is teaching me, admonishing me to hold my tongue.

To not speak freely what is on my mind. To not chatterbox. Not speaking without thinking or checking in with Him.

To guard my heart and mind, my thoughts, my speech.

He blesses me with so many ideas, dreams, visions. But some are not to be shared at that time or maybe not at all.

So He is teaching me to listen to Him - to shut my mouth if need be- to only let out and share it if and when He releases me to.

It's all about His timing. His plan.

He has prepared the heart and He knows when the time is right.

And it's a well oiled machine when it works together well. It runs smoothly but is effective and powerful with the oil of the Holy Spirit.

Lord, set a guard at my mouth!

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy