Sunday, April 29, 2007

Watching and listening

I am in the dining room - the west window is open and I am first and foremost so aware of a wonderful cardinal outside singing it's heart out. So beautiful. It seems that the other birds outside stop singing when the cardinal starts - like they are listening. And then there are other bird twitters when the cardinal is quiet.

It is a Sunday - early evening - beautiful out. But so very quiet - a hint of the breeze every once in a while but except for the birds and the table and chair creaking when I move, it is so quiet. I hear the light tinkle of a small wind chime that I just put outside, and then softly the large chime bongs as if saying, "I am still in charge!" So pleasant.

Inside, it is getting dimmer, so the light is on - making the room seem warm - cozy. The old table that I am writing at and the old chairs are badly in need of refinishing, but somehow, that nick, that chip, tells a story. There are scratches, glass rings, wear and tear. And the sounds as you lean against the table are timeless and comforting.

I look at one end of the table and all of my Bible study stuff is there. Notebooks open, books piled, notes scribbled - precious stuff. I leave it out because it is easier for me to grab at a verse or two each day. I love studying, but it takes a Mack truck to drag me there! It backs up, beeps three times, and dumps me out! Once I'm there I don't want to leave.

But when my hubby comes home, I will gather it all up and shove it somewhere (not too deep - I want to continue!) because that is also the end of the table that he sits at to do his bookwork after he comes home from a haul. I wonder if, when he sits down, he feels the anointing! Because it is the Holy end of the table!

And now I hear kids outside. Laughing, yelling. One last game, one last bike ride, before the day turns in.

The shadows are moving lower on the buffet. And a dove or a pigeon (correct me you bird knowers!) coos - almost in a soothing, end of the day - settling in. Settling us down, quietly - saying it's time to draw in - to tap into this Peace.

Deep sigh.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back after having to complete a fuel tax return and extra bookwork.

I tell God - 'I am an artist - a writer. I don't have time for the business bookwork. I am not built this way. My mind doesn't work this way.

God tells me back - 'Do it anyway. You can do all things through Me. You must be faithful in the little.'

Hmm. God is teaching me to be obedient both to Him and my boss/husband.

And I can be. That feels good.

So why wasn't I obedient when hubby asked me to take keys to an old car we have parked in our lot, so when he drove home after a long day of driving/loading/unloading he could have loaded his gear into the car and driven home.

Instead - you guessed it. I didn't get it done and he had to walk home (it was very late!). Only two blocks or so, but.

Five minutes was all it would have taken.

I'm still learning. About submission. Love. Giving of myself. Unselfishness. Obedience.

And you can bet if it had been me walking home I would have been muttering the same things that he must have been!

But don't worry. I'm forgiven. By both. I asked my Father/Bridegroom for forgiveness and He has already forgotten.

I asked my hubby/boss for forgiveness and he has forgiven, but I'm not sure he has forgotten!

That might take ...well we'll figure that out!

Love you all - God keep you. Never give up. Jesus didn't and we won't either!

Monday, April 16, 2007


What a beautiful morning. I love the way the sun moves it's way through the trees and down the street.

I am so blessed to have this time. What an incredible soak time this morning. I lay there (on the floor!) in my jammies and let God. Yeah. That's it. Let God.

But then as I listen to the music and the words, the music gets to me. I can't help it. I have to get up and dance. I can't keep still. So I get up (ooo...easy...gotta let those old bones find their way!) and dance - with Him.

I have wondered about when I'll have to quit dancing. My spirit says always, but my body? But Lord has assured me that when I am in the nursing home, that when I have soak time (because I will never give that up), as I close my eyes, I will be dancing with Him and it will be ever so much the same as now! My feet will move with His and we will dance!

Cool, huh.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The first one!

The is the first post to my new blog.

I don't know what this will flow like, but I'm going with it.

I write every morning almost, but this is a little more intimidating!

What do I want to do here? I want to speak my heart. I want to speak God's heart.

When I write He flows through me and that is what this site will be about. His voice through me.

I'll share my past, my struggles, my thoughts, my goofiness.

Like last night I was praying my good night prayers - "God bless....and... and angels round about us all." And then I wondered, "what does that look like?" Angels round about us.

Is there angel on the rocker next to me? One on the other chair? Maybe one hanging out on the corner of the bed dangling a foot over the edge, checking his/her nails. Or one standing on guard at the foot of the bed.

One in my closet? In my shoes? Oh no.

Okay that was funny! Got a good visual - had a great laugh.

Not sure what the angels were doing - but one thing I know for sure. They were and are round about me.

A host. I'm so blessed!