Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Oh, the struggles of each day.

We want more, we need more (or think we do), we want more success. We want to do more for Jesus. We want to eat better, exercise more, look better. Use more of the day efficiently. Be more effective for Jesus. Read the Bible more. Find the right dress. Read the newest book on gifts of the Holy Spirit.

But in the end, if we take Romans 8:29 seriously, as we spend more time with our Saviour, we will be molded into His image.

No, he didn't have to clock in, drive in traffic, clean up the peanut butter.

I feel He lived His time here on earth to the fullest. We could still make a bunch of accusations like, he didn't even have to pay off credit cards.

His time here?

He made time for people. He made time for prayer and His Father. He was bent on teaching His disciples, but He could take time to hold a child. He drove demons into a herd of pigs (that's a battle!), but He also worked with wood. He taught in the synagogues, but He enjoyed meals with His friends and family. I forget that it wasn't all work. There had to be some play.

I just got a picture of Jesus and the disciples playing keep away with a piece of bread, and then wrestling. Yeah, they wasted the bread!

As times on this earth get tougher - darker - it's hard to remember to play. To enjoy this life.

But again Romans 8:29 reminds us to be willing to be like Jesus. To copy His life.

Today, just today, let's agree to live that way. As a bird calls out to another, lift your face to the sky, and let the sun warm your face. Stay there for a moment.

When the wind stirs the tree leaves, listen to the sound of the leaves clapping in worship.

Linger there. Tarry.

And when our Lord sweetly calls our name or rumbles in the Heavens, stop.

Linger. Raise your face to His and hear His heart.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy

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