Monday, May 12, 2008

Collision of Two Realms

I just got home from walking to the Post Office, Bank, and the Court House today. Here in my home state of Nebraska, it is extremely windy. I'm not going to complain, because I want the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing me over, so why not put up with the wind in the natural!

I have been reading some crazy books like Miracle Workers, Reformers, and The New Mystics, recommended by a brother of mine. So because of this book, I am getting better at connecting the supernatural and the natural. It's on my mind more and more. My belly just burns!

I was walking into the wind, uphill! Whoah! Each step was harder and harder, but I had this goofy grin on my face because I could feel my Dear Holy Spirit in my belly, just burning! And I could feel the strong wind blowing directly into my face, almost knocking me backwards at the same time.

So we are always talking about bringing Heaven down to earth, or experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit here on earth.

Well, as I was walking, God gave me such a revelation about something so simple.

As my belly was burning, and the wind was blowing around and against my body, the supernatural within me in the Holy Spirit, and the natural without me in the wind (and just me being the human that I am!) hit smack dab together to bring them both together.

Did Heaven invade earth? Did fires start, or people get saved just then?

No, but I just kept on pushing and listening and grinning against the wind.

We bring Heaven down to earth every time that we shift over to the spirit within our bodies. There is a bonding together. Learning to stay in the Spirit is tricky, but possible.

More and more, I challenge myself to stay in that place and hopefully someday, my spirit and body will be so melted together, that there is no shift.

But until then, I'll just walk into the Wind of the Holy Spirit in this body, grinning as the two realms collide within me.

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