Friday, December 7, 2007

Pushin' my way around!

I was thinking about the woman in the Bible, Mark 5, that had the issue of blood.

It says that there was a huge crowd, pressing Jesus from all sides, so as to almost suffocate Him.

And the woman found herself right next to Him? I wonder if she had to push and shove. Maybe she had to be forceful, pushy, rude.

And she had faith. "If only I touch His garments, I will be restored to health." That's so cool. I mean, she had been having this issue for what, 12 years? Hello, I think we all should have been pushy.

My imagination goes nuts sometimes, but since there were throngs of people around Jesus, do you think that maybe there was more than this one woman with a problem, or need of healing? Like maybe several.

Where were they? Didn't they want a healing just as much? But they didn't push and shove, and scrap to get it.

For every one person that actually asks, are there maybe 5, or 10, that need/want a healing, but don't ask?

Or even in our prayer time, do we ask for others, everything, but never anything for ourselves?

God is teaching me to ask. "Ask and you shall receive." I take my Father at His Word. If I ask, I will receive.

So, I'm going to become scrappy. I'm pushing toward the front. I'm going to crawl over to Him. I'm going to elbow my way over. I'm going to grab the hem of His garment, and ask.

I'm going to hold Him to the answer. His Word is our Promise. I'm going to hold Him to it!


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