Friday, November 30, 2007

Angels and Transformers

Wow, it feels like months since I have posted. (Maybe it has been!)

Hope that you all were blessed on Thanksgiving and in your family time. We assume so much don't we - that everybody had a "normal" Thanksgiving with all family. Those of you that had tough times, I pray God's Grace on you and in the situations.

When I was at my kids' house not too long ago, I watched the movie "Transformers" a lot. A lot!

And when I got back home and got into my devo time again, I was soaking in Ps. 23. It wasn't one of those times where, "Yeah, I've heard this all before." Or, "I know this all by heart."

I had been thinking about angels and all that they do, much of it, I am not even aware of. But I want to be aware. Not to worship them, but to be so aware of the supernatural that I am living in it.

Well, in Ps. 23, as I really got into it, it was like I was in it. Does that make sense? I know it will to some reading this.

And I got a picture out of the movie "Transformers" when the Autobots were waiting outside of the kid's house - waiting for him to find his grandfather's glasses. (Ya gotta see the movie!)

I saw the same thing in my home, only they weren't the Transformers, they were huge angels kneeling and moving around inside and outside of my house.

I mean HUGE! As big as the Autobots!

The supernatural is that close. And we make those angels to be our size, or the size of the cute little baby angels that we see on cards, or on knick knacks. But these were huge.

I felt such power, but such gentleness, and respect. Not that I am anything great (I am in Christ!), but that's just the way they were.

This is battle. And we are in it. We need to engage with the supernatural and realize that it is at our disposal, to use in the battle. We need to walk in it, because it is already ours if Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

Autobots, on! Angels, on! Saints, on!



Christin said...

I'm with you! Angels are not the chubby babies depicted in framed art. But WARRIORS. Huge ones. And from the people that I know that have SEEN them...they are gi-normous. *wink*

SOOO...did you really get a glimpse into the Spiritual realm and see angels? Or did the Bible (and Transformers) bring them to live in the way you picture them? Just curiousity and all... :)

Bonnie Lacy said...

I'm sorry that it took me so long to answer your question, but I really had to think about it. And I wanted to be honest.

When I saw the angels, I believe that it was a vision from God. I get visions a lot, as many of us do, so it wasn't unusual. But I didn't see them with my own eyes. That would be cool! And someday I will!