Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This morning I was watching my kitten. She never strays from being herself. She jumps. She runs. She and mouse. What else can I call it. She meows. She responds by submission when I growl at her in a cat way. (Yup, I growl at her. It's a technique that my daughter taught me! When she is doing something that I don't like, I growl and keep it up until she submits by bowing her head, closing her eyes, or backing away - it works! Just a little cat tidbit!)

But she doesn't try to act like me. That would be funny. She stays in her cat mode. Because she is a cat!

I find myself sometimes during different seasons in my life, trying to be what I'm not. Whether it's a diva, a model (Ha!), a bookkeeper (those that know me can laugh, but that's what I find myself doing these days, for our business), a grocery store clerk, a sales rep, or whatever.

But what makes my heart sing? It's when I actually sit down and write. And write something that speaks of God's heart and mine.

It's when I do what God made me to do. Sing. Create. Love.

It's the song of my heart. It's what God thought of when He fashioned me before I was born.

I'm more at peace and happiest when I follow God's heart for mine.


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