Monday, August 27, 2007

Cross the Line

I went out to a little room off of our garage the other day to feed our cat. She is an old cat and has been pushed out there to live, because she bites me. Oh, I know. Cats give love bites.

Believe me, she has no love in her heart when she decides to bite me. She has revenge on her heart and she is going to eat meat that day. And the meat is me! Have I said all this before?

Anyway, as I went to feed her, it hit me that she hardly gets out of that room. We open the back door for her to go in and out during the day, but she hardly goes out. Or she might venture out for a while, but then is back in. With all of the huge backyard and sunlight, and fresh air out there.

She stays in that dusty, musty, room letting a fan cool her. When she could have the real thing in God's fresh air.

And I thought how much we are like that. We put ourselves into a box, out of fear, pain, revenge, and never want to venture out into what God has for us.

As our cat needs to cross that threshold, to get to the world that God made her for, we have to cross those lines of fear, regret, past experiences. "But God, the last time I tried to do that, I got hurt."

We have to be willing to step through those hard memories, and as we step through them, we will be free of them. Those spirits of fear, anxiety, dread, will never have a hold on us again. They will never ruin a relationship again, unless we let it. They will never keep us from exploding into what God planned for us.

Just cross the line.


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