Friday, June 8, 2007

Kings and Queens

I've been reading Esther. Actually I had a gift of a day today. My daughter and I were to travel out of state to an appointment, and she chose, wisely, to call it off.

So this day is a gift and I chose to soak and read. Oh I have stuff to do, but I get the feeling, that I have been lacking in my time with Father. As I got done reading Esther, I asked God "how do I apply this to me, God?"

Next thing I knew I was on my face, on the floor, in repentence before the Father. Repenting of not taking my rightful place in the Kingdom of God. As a real heir of God, my Father. A warrior alongside Jesus. That is my rightful place.

With Esther, she rose up as a child of God, but as Queen alongside her King. To take what was rightfully hers and to save her people. She stepped out unto possible death, to stand in the gap for her people.

How many of us Christians today really do that? Me included. (Yep, I'm the one on the floor.) We are wimpy - we have no idea who we are in Christ. What we have in Christ. What we can do to further the Kingdom in Christ. We have the keys to the Kingdom in our hands if we have asked Jesus to be our Lord, but we don't use those keys to our full authority. What Jesus did at the cross, what He obtained for us, we don't take ahold of.

It's like Daddy drove up in a brand new Jeep Commander (yeah...), got out, and handed me the keys. And maybe I drove it to the post office (all of one mile) and then parked it. I'd keep the keys, but what am I doing with the gift?

This walk is more than a gift. It's a Kingdom! It's a lifestyle, the very act of living. I can choose to live, (or drive my old Jeep - which I love!) or get the keys to the best - God's best.

Okay, so apply this. The best Jeep could be, not fearing where I go, what I want to do for Him, and walking in God's fullest anointing - His highest endowment (thanks Brother Matthew!)

If someone took me to say.... the biggest car dealer around, and told me to pick out any vehicle, what would I pick? If I liked sports cars, (which I don't - I'm a truck woman!) would I pick out the top of the line? Or pick out a good used one because "that's all I deserve", or "I'm afraid".

If I liked SUV's (yup!) would I pick out the best? Maybe a Lexus or a Lincoln model? Or a used older Jeep? (I am very happy with my Jeep - this is just an application!)

When God gives us the keys to the Kingdom, meaning we can have and do all and more than Jesus did on this earth, do we settle for just salvation? (Don't get me wrong, that's huge.) When there is so much more that He has for us in this life, this walk with Him? He came to set the captives free. Yes He came to save us, but He also gave us the tools. The keys, the gifts.

Whoa. Gifts. Like in the spiritual gifts? Whoa.

Yes. Spiritual gifts. Would you make a man or woman a soldier, but not give them the tools or weapons? They would die.

This is getting deep. Didn't see this coming, but I'm plunging ahead.

I am a child of God. And a co-heir with Christ. And a warrior. And I have tools. Weapons. Because I'd die without them. I need them to hear His voice. I need them to know what to say. I need them to see what He sees.

I can 'walk' to the throne room anytime, with my royal robes on, because I rule with Jesus. (Yeah, it says so in the Word - Rom. 8:17) and obtain favor in His sight.

Just like Queen Esther did with King Ahasuerus.

I repent for falling back. For letting fear, shyness, or procrastination, or lies, keep me from doing God's Will.

I have the keys to the Kingdom.

I keep getting a picture of a beautiful queen with her septer, all clothed in beautiful robes, having access to all that a queen would be and have - and it's me!

The highest endowment of His Spirit. That's what we have in Him.

Sounds like I have an attitude. And I do. It's an attitude of repentence, but of knowing who I am.

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