Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm back!

I'm back after having to complete a fuel tax return and extra bookwork.

I tell God - 'I am an artist - a writer. I don't have time for the business bookwork. I am not built this way. My mind doesn't work this way.

God tells me back - 'Do it anyway. You can do all things through Me. You must be faithful in the little.'

Hmm. God is teaching me to be obedient both to Him and my boss/husband.

And I can be. That feels good.

So why wasn't I obedient when hubby asked me to take keys to an old car we have parked in our lot, so when he drove home after a long day of driving/loading/unloading he could have loaded his gear into the car and driven home.

Instead - you guessed it. I didn't get it done and he had to walk home (it was very late!). Only two blocks or so, but.

Five minutes was all it would have taken.

I'm still learning. About submission. Love. Giving of myself. Unselfishness. Obedience.

And you can bet if it had been me walking home I would have been muttering the same things that he must have been!

But don't worry. I'm forgiven. By both. I asked my Father/Bridegroom for forgiveness and He has already forgotten.

I asked my hubby/boss for forgiveness and he has forgiven, but I'm not sure he has forgotten!

That might take ...well we'll figure that out!

Love you all - God keep you. Never give up. Jesus didn't and we won't either!


Denise said...

Welcome back, sweet blessings to you.

Bonnie Lacy said...

Denise - thanks! And blessings to you!