Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Wow! Nothing like letting the month of April go....south! Busy month, but being sick for around two weeks, gets a person behind!

But here I am!

God's Presence has been so sweet lately. So powerful.

I can feel other saints' praying for me. I feel them going before the Throne on my behalf. And I always want to bless them back. I pray, "God, please bless those who pray for me. Bless them back a hundred fold." (Not sure of punctuation there!) And I know that God does bless them back.

But what I have discovered is... the worship time, His Presence, the sweetness, is all tied into how I meet Him. The time that I give Him.

It is a direct result of how hungry that I am for Him.

Of how passionate I am for Him.

As the church gets busier, the Bride gets busier, Satan gets more and more intent on letting us believe that what we are doing, is all ok. "That's just the way it is."

The three Bible studies, the choir rehearsals, church bazaars are all good things, right?

But where does our dear Holy Spirit fit in. Those things are busyness, that maybe aren't really what we need to be doing. If we are so busy, and noisy, how can we learn to hear that still small voice?

I encourage us all to really check in with the Holy Spirit on what we are doing for God.

Maybe He just wants to sit on a park bench with us, and swing our legs back and forth, listening. Listening to the world, His world. Listening to His voice.

Maybe He just wants to have fun.

Whoah. But there are wars going on. There is poverty. There is (ick) a coming presidential election coming up.

And He just wants to sit on a park bench? (And swing our legs?!)

I think that He really wants us to get a hold of the fact that He really has all of those things handled, and He just wants to spend time with us.

Mary or Martha. There's time to be both.

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