Monday, April 7, 2008

Pushy and Persistent

This morning, in my devo time, my cat, Selah, tried to climb into my lap several times. But I was reading the Bible, and I put her off, so I could read.

But she persisted. And she got her way. As I prayed I rubbed her ears, her eyes (she loves that!), her paws (yes, she lets me do that, she lets me hold her paws!)(Okay, some of you are...oh well!)

And I went to my Father, and persisted in climbing into His lap. I pushed my way in.

And He welcomed me! He enveloped me! He rejoiced in my persistence. He opened up to me, so I could climb in.

He opened up my mind, my ears, my eyes! He rubbed my heart, softening it. He took the gunk out of my eyes, so I could see.

He cleaned out my ears, so I could hear His sweet voice.

I climbed onto my Father's lap.

I pushed my way in.

I climbed into my Father's lap.

I pushed my way in.

He welcomed me with His arms wide open.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy

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