Saturday, November 1, 2008

No Fear/All Fear

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;" Ps. 111:10

I have been praying for more of God's wisdom in my life. I figured - look what Solomon did with his life - it couldn't hurt mine!

Aside from the flippant attitude, I want God's wisdom in my life. Yes, for this natural life - daily stuff like finances, relationships, etc. But also, and especially, in the spiritual or supernatural life.

In order to get me to the wisdom place, God has been doing a thing in my life that has brought on great humility, huge respect - yes fear.

It's not the "Duck! Here it comes!" fear. "Look out...!" I am, with God's help, redefining fear.

And I realized today, that He is answering my prayer for more wisdom in my life through the fear of the Lord.

Did I get wisdom to know the right answers? What to do when? Sometimes.

But His real goal is my heart.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy


the voice of melody said...

I think we can all use some of God's wisdom. That's a daily prayer for me!

Hope you enjoy your day and many sweet blessings!

Bonnie Lacy said...

God bless your day/days also Melody! Thanks for visiting.