Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busted & Burned

This morning I am so convicted.

Have I prayed as I should for my family? For my nation?

Have I cried over our sin? Have I come to my Lord with passion, crying out for my neighbors? When have I remembered my friends?

Recently we have had a friend's son-in-law hit by the war - literally. I can't relate all of what has gone on...read it on his wife's blog.... Amazing stuff. She is a very good communicator, but gutsy in sharing her heart. Her fears.

Many have posted comments following her post. I find myself agreeing in prayer with the writers.

And weeping.

And getting a great big sense of the power of this thing called prayer.

And getting convicted.

I pray. Don't get me wrong, but as I speak those words that are powerful in and of themselves, is my heart attached? Am I just speaking? Or am I connecting with the Power of the Ages. Jesus, the One Christ. Jesus, our Savior, but Jesus, the Resurrection Power.

As I draw close to my God, He draws close to me. And the angels bring every prayer offered for this family. As We (Him and me!) pray, there is a power released that surpasses all understanding.

Burn out the dross, Lord. Burn in me the passion to pray for all. I bring me to the cross. Crucify my flesh - the me. "Create in me a clean heart Oh God."

That my prayers may be effectual, fervent, and availing much. (James 5:16)

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy

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the voice of melody said...

Thank you for this post and for the inspiring words that will lead to many more fervent prayers.

We should all seek our Savior with all that is in us and pray for our "neighbors" as we pray for ourselves.

Enjoy the weekend!