Sunday, August 3, 2008


Was praying this morning - Lord, help me submit all that I am. All that I have.

I saw myself sitting at a table with the Holy Spirit. I had a bunch of jars filled with some incredible things. I felt that they were very valuable. Quart jars full.

And there was one pint jar with a pop bottle cap, some marbles, and some trash in it.

I looked at all of the jars. Some were very precious to me. My kids. My husband. My dreams. My favorite T-shirt. The things that I have created. Money.

I tried to give you the big ones. The valuable ones.

But I took them back.

I pushed the pint jar with the junk in it across the table, hoping that you would accept that as a sacrifice. I told you that the marbles are really valuable. They're vintage for pete's sake. And my cat would die for that bottle cap. The trash? Something has to fill the landfill. If no trash, no landfill. Oh, no.

You just shake your head in wonder. When are we gonna do more than just mouth those words?

When are we going to give it all?

So, later this morning during worship, I gave you my precious daughter who has the voice of an angel. She is yours. I gave you my other kids. My grandkids. My Dearly Beloved. My dreams. My past. My failures. My future. My dreams for my kids. My drawings. My writing. My visions. They're all yours.

And I'm pulling open the drawers to find that T-shirt. Is it your size God?

Doesn't matter. You want it all, no matter if I think that you can use it or not.

You want it all.

Copyright©Bonnie Lacy

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