Monday, July 28, 2008

Cut Through the Crap!

As we get in a mess of the mind (I think you know what I mean...where we battle back and forth and listen to lies, and speak to the lies, and then...all over again!) we question ourselves and where we are with God.

I did it just today. Asking Him if I was in sin and Him telling me that He took care of that. I had already repented for the offense, but I kept bringing it back up.

We need to cut through the crap (yes, crap!).

I 'see' piles of crap on either side of me and me walking through it all.

And climbing onto the lap of my Father.

As we ignore it all and walk past it into His arms, He sets us free!

He is lifting us up onto His lap, we turn around - glance back - and it is all gone!

The garbage in our minds is gone!

Because as we climb into the lap of the Father, we let go of all the stuff, and He handles it all!

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