Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Puke it Out

It amazes me that we as people of God, of people of the Redeemed, still live like we do. We still wallow in our muck. Lying in our own waste, and puke. Never rising up and shaking off what Jesus came to set us free from. We all do this.

We all have baggage and the pat answer is 'it's because of sin in this world', but there is more.

Do we want to get set free? Do we ever want to let the Savior - The Great Warrior - set us free?

Or are we afraid to do that? Yes, it's scary. To let everything out and show it to the world. To puke it out and let the world see us with snot and tears and puke streaming down our faces. To see the blackness of our hearts.

We put this beautiful facade on for others to see....crowns of beauty, masks of 'I'm okay'. Costumes of what we want to show to the world.

We must take them off, the masks, the crowns, the costumes. They were put there by us, by the world. They are fake. They are conterfeit.

We must let Jesus take them off, if we are to be the warriors that the Bible says we are. We must, if we want to live our lives above the puke. We must be willing to let God do the surgery.

He came to set us free.


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