Thursday, June 10, 2010


Learning. God is so patient.

Been in Ezek. 40:4. All of Ezekiel, but I'm sitting on that verse.

In this book, an angel took Ezekiel in the spirit, to view the temple. The angel measured it with a reed and told all the measurements and configurations to Ezekiel. Then told Ezekiel to tell all to the house of Israel!

Now if that had been me, I would have said, "Ju ... just a minute, while I go get my notebook. I'll never remember all that!"


Verse 4. "And the man said to me, son of man, look with your eyes, and hear with your ears and set your heart and mind on all that I will show you, for you are brought here that I may show them to you. Declare all that you see to the house of Israel."

In other words - focus!! Set your heart.

Ezekiel wasn't an angel. He wasn't a robot. A droid. (DROID!) He was a human, like you and me.

He did just that. He remembered all and wrote it down for us.

God is challenging me.

I went to a writer's conference recently and attended a class taught by Angela Hunt. She demonstrated to us something similar. Her Memory Palace. She had us choose a category - plants. We spoke out about 18-20 different species and she envisioned her neighborhood, placing each plant there. She was able to recite back to us each plant kind without peeking! Amazing!

I believe she was using Ezek. 40:4. And I can too!

I'm gonna work up to my grocery list!

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