Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound?

It's been so long, that blogspot didn't know who I am! Too long since I write! It's evening and I'm tired! We'll see what comes out!

God has taken me on so many treasured hunts, lately. I am learning so much.

So much about His plan for us. So much more than we realize. All empowered because of the Cross.

I am learning how science is finally catching up with the Word of God.

I am learning about the power of our tongue, or rather our words. How as they are spoken out into the atmosphere, they affect the things and people around us in a scientific way. I don't understand it enough to go into it more here.

I just know that God has so much more for us. I'm not even sure how to say it here.

Recent readings: JoAnn McFatter, John Paul Jackson.

Inspiring. Thought provoking.

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