Monday, October 1, 2007

The Cat and Me

I write about what is around me. And right now, it's my cat. I have written about her before, but this is a different take. She found an old pearl, but not pearl, necklace this morning. She kind of gave me a look, like, "look what I found"! And, "you just gave me string and old toys to play with, but I found a beautiful necklace"! (I know, I can get alot out of her expression!)

She ran with the necklace. She tossed it. She hid it under an afgan. She slept with it.

And as I watched her play with it, I delighted in her cat-ness. How she took it and hid it under the afgan, and pretended that she didn't know where it was, and found it again. She's a hoot.

And I felt Father looking over my shoulder, and reminding me that He delights in me when I am myself, too. When I really tap into the gifts that He put in me, He is delighted.

Even when He is correcting me, which seems to be happening alot lately! Prov. 3:12, "For whom the Lord loves he corrects; just as a father the son in whom he delights."

He delights in me.

So I am going to do my best today, to be and do what He put into me, to be and do!

I'll write! There are other things I could be doing, yes. But when I get writing done each day, I feel satisfied. Because I am being me.


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